Fast Code Plugin is a free eclipse plugin designed to help write code faster in Java and Php applications. In Java, it has some special features for applications that uses the well known Spring Framework. Currently, this plugin is available in JAVA and PHP. Enhancement to the plugin is carried out regularly and loaded with more features which makes the plugin more user friendly.

Latest version has been released recently and can find the new features added in release notes.

To install this plugin, please see the installation page for more details. If you have any trouble with the update site, please see the trouble shooting information.


Templates: The FastCode templates can be used to generate code snippets based on fields from arbitutary pojo class or class from any package or files in folder. For example: one can create instance of a class with multiple fields using the setter methods, print fields of a class using the getter methods, create resource bundle for the fields of a class, create instance of a java bean and populate the bean, etc. Please see detailed description of Templates.

Database Templates: The templates are also available with database tables. It extends eclipse code templates mechanism by being able to generate database code snippets with multiple columns. This kind of snippets are needed in various scenerios. For example: create sql statements, with Named paramenter, Named query or just a simple query, create a row mapper class, etc. This plugin provides a very intuitive interface by allowing the user select a table and then select the columns from that table. Please see detailed description of Database Templates.

Fast code plugin helps to generate spring configuration files, similar boiler plate classes and their associated configuration files. It can also generate junit tests as well. It is highly configurable. It reduces the coding time, gives you carpal tunnel, and can be error prone. One can generate any other kind of files by simply modifying a master configuration file used by the plugin. One can see Complete List of Features..

Please read the license before using the software.

This plugin is changing frequently. So do come back frequently for updates.

Please see list of short video tutorials.

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